It’s All About the Seamless Crotch

This weekend will mark two months of training time left for my first triathlon. I’m now able to complete all three legs in respectable times, and now I have to work on putting the swimming, bicycling, and jogging together.

tri suitI also need to start training in the clothing that I’ll be wearing on race day, which meant an Internet search this morning for women’s triathlon gear. I went with the Louis Garneau Women’s Tri Pro, shown at right. It was only about $100, compared to some suits that blasted right by the $200 mark (and suddenly felt like they were meant for “real” athletes who might actually wear them more than once in life).

What sold me on this suit, beyond the entry-level price point, was its seamless crotch design. From what I am told, when you’re going to ride your bike 17 1/2 miles, you don’t want a seam causing painful chafing down under. I suppose a seam would be okay for the swimming and running segments, but I’m not taking any chances. I’m already depressed that I have to give up my beloved–and well padded–bike shorts, which would feel like a wet diaper during the swim segment.

So the diaper is out, and the seamless crotch is in. Who knew that shopping for triathlon gear could sound so much like being in a kinky sex shop?

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