In All the Right Places, at All Times

I just landed my first assignment for Coastal Living magazine. I’m excited, of course, because it’s a great magazine for any writer’s byline to appear, but also because the editors came to me instead of the other way around.

From what I can tell, they decided they wanted an article about yacht charter. An editor went to to look up books on the subject and found Dream Cruises, which I published as a second edition in 2007.  He said Dream Cruises “was everything I hoped it would be” and then found his way to my site CharterWave, which also made a favorable impression. I’m not sure if he ever made it here to to review my clips (which is all most editors would have done just a few years ago, with printed copies of my magazine stories), but somewhere along the way he decided–his words, not mine–that I could provide what he needed in my sleep.

The power of the Web for writers to market their expertise and skills is amazing. It’s easy to pooh-pooh those of us who are pushing the limits by self-publishing books that can’t find conventional homes, launching websites about niche subjects, and writing for online publications whose circulations seem minuscule compared with print titles, but my current experience with Coastal Living says otherwise. This is a premier magazine with more than 650,000 readers per issue, and its editors came to me because I am working constantly to show my skills and knowledge in all media. Wherever they looked for editorial information about yacht charter vacations, I was the leading expert–a status it has taken many years of hard work and strategic thinking to achieve.

How good it feels to have been in all the right places at the right time.

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